Hike from Veli Losinj to Mali Losinj

This easy hike leads along beautiful bays to the port Mali Losinj. Mali Losinj is the main village of the island and biggest village of the islands of the kvarner bay.

Port of Mali Losinj
Port of Mali Losinj

Start at the port of Veli Losinj. The way goes west to the hotel, pass below the infinity pool along the coast to Mali Losinj. Some stairs lead up to the main road of the village. Cross the road and pass along a small chapel and a large parking space down direction Mali Losinj port. At the port you can go to one of the many cafes or restaurants or you can visit the museum of Apoxymenos. The same way leads back to Veli Losinj.


Hike along the coast direction east

The way leads from the port of Veli Losinj along the pink church to the graveyard and then along the coast to the Rovenska bay.

Rovenska bay Veli Losinj
Rovenska bay in Veli Losinj

Now walk along the coast to a beautiful bay and then to the next bay, the destination of the hike. From here you can go back either the same way or landways along olive trees to Veli Losinj.

Losinj beautiful bay
Meeresglitzern in der Bucht


Hike to the summit of Sveti Ivan

In the port of Veli Losinj go to its east end. The way starting between a souvenir shop and a shop for swimming accessories is the right one. At the white church go right the small way along the church, on and cross the main street of Veli Losinj to a small chapel. There pass the chapel on the right to a writing Sveti Ivan / Monte San Giovanni. Yes, you can see that the fromer mediterranian superpower Venice left traces here. The path becomes steep. Good shoes are recommended. Far up, the path forks. Choose the right fork and after a short while you are at the summit at Sveti Ivan. The same way leads back to Veli Losinj.

Summit Sveti Ivan high above Veli Losinj
On the summit Sveti Ivan


Hike in the south of the island

Starting point is the Cikat bay. you can get there best by bus. The bus stop for going to Cikat is at the beginning of Veli Losinj. The way leads right (direction west) along the bay shore.

Habsburg villa Cikat
Habsburg villa in Cikat

In the next bay there is a camp site. Follow the coast line to the bay of Mali Losinj. There go on to the port. From here the way leads back to Veli Losinj as described in the hike "From Veli Losinj toMali Losinj".

More tips:

When you come from direction west to the port of Veli Losinj and then turn around almost 180 degrees, you can see a fish restaurant. behind the fish restaurant there is a pizza restaurant with very good pizza :)

In the port of Mali Losinj, the first retaurants advertise a discount of 30 - 50%. Tourists told me that the discount is already woven into the menu. Because of that, we always went further to one of the cafes with no discount advertisement.

Hiking map of Losinj
Hiking map of Losinj

This hiking map is a bit behind the pink church in Veli Losinj.


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