The Habsburgers appreciated Losinj as climatic spa and travel destination. Lots of the planted pine trees and the villas originate from them.

Church and port in Veli Losinj
Veli Losinj port and church

Where is Croatia worth traveling, a nice holiday, an adventure? I have seen many places in Croatia and my favourite is the island Losinj. And Losinj is especially awesome in Veli Losinj and surroundings.

Mali Losinj
View Mali Losinj and the highest mountain of the island

Way to Mali Losinj
Way to Mali Losinj

Losinj sea glitter
Glitter at the sea

Beautiful bay
A beautiful bay, the destination of a hike to the south shore

South shore of Losinj
View to the south

This hotel in Veli Losinj is a great recommendation. The food is very good, located at the sea and a short walk to the port of Veli Losinj.

Extended walks and hikes can be made around Veli Losinj.

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